Practical and Simple

With its small dimensions and solid iron construction, this nutcracker will be invaluable for any household regardless of whether your crushing needs are 5 or 5000 kilos of walnuts annually.

The nutcracker's small size, high efficiency, convenience, and affordable price make it a must-have device for every kitchen. Works seamlessly alongside your other kitchen appliances such as poppy seed grinders, dough mixers, food processors, pickling and chopping devices.

Much easier and faster than the standard hammering method

The hard work of one hour using a hammer to de-shell your walnuts can now be done with ease (and without risk of injury!) in just 15 to 20 minutes of effortless work.

Additionally, the classic way of breaking walnuts open with a hammer often results in the nut being destroyed.

Much faster cleaning since the core remains whole

De-shelling walnuts is not the challenge, the challenge is to then clean them properly from the shell.

At first glance it might seem that this nutcracker is not intended for those who have large amounts of walnuts to crush; you may think that this job would need a large-capacity crushing machine. However, in practice, the performance of this nutcracker - even for large quantities of walnuts - is easily demonstrated. Although this nutcracker crushes walnuts one at a time, the huge advantage comes with the speed of cleaning the walnuts after the shell is removed. Using traditional methods, cleaning 1 kilogram of de-shelled walnuts generally takes around 90 minutes. Cleaning walnuts crushed with this nutcracker is much, much faster, and to get 1kg of pure, clean nuts takes just 20 to 30 minutes. Large-capacity machines can de-shell many walnuts per hour, but the time saved on this process is worthless when you realize how much hard, time-consuming work is left in cleaning away all of the dust, crumbs and crushed pieces of core to save what is left of the valuable nut.

De-shelling with large-capacity machines is a harsh and messy process that can often leave large parts of the core unusable or trapped in small pieces of shell that aren't worth cleaning because of how much time it takes to remove the small fragments of nut.

By comparison, this manual crusher leaves only a cracked shell that is very easy to remove, whilst keeping the core intact. Depending on the type of walnut, the nuts are mostly in neat halves or even left completely whole. Cleaning walnuts is now quicker, easier and simpler, with almost no waste and very few damaged cores.

Suitable for apartments and houses

Do you live in a flat and want to bake a walnut cake? Would your neighbors be bothered by the noise? Would you have to go to the garage?

With this nutcracker it wouldn't be a problem. It's extremely quiet and makes no more noise than having a conversation. The neighbors will have no idea that you're making walnut cake until they smell the aroma from the oven!

After every walnut de-shelling session with a hammer, do you have to clean the entire room where you were cracking the walnuts because the shells have exploded everywhere?

Working with this nutcracker does not cause such a mess because the shells are contained and with little effort it is possible to completely prevent any piece of shell going where you don't want it to be. Simply place your hand briefly over the cup at the moment of crushing the shell and afterwards, everything is as clean as before crushing!

Guaranteed for 10 years (built strong enough to last a lifetime)

With minimal maintenance this crusher will serve for generations. Simply cleaning and lubricating the rotating parts is all that's required

The base is made of high-quality grey cast iron, painted with primer and top coat.
The cradle is made from ductile iron, which makes it resistant to wear and tear.
The lacquered beechwood handle guarantees longevity.
All un-painted parts are galvanized.
Each part is manually assembled and checked.
Service and spare parts are always readily available.

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